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* Manicure: Our regular manicure with trim, shape, buff, cuticles trim, massage, and polish

* Deluxe Manicure: This manicure will leave you feeling pampered. We trim, shape, trim cuticles, exfoliate the skin with sea salt scrub followed by a steam towel, massage, buff, and polish.

* Express Pedicure: In a rush? Get our express pedicure with trim, shape, buff, cuticle trim and polish.

* Pedicure: Try our regular pedicure with trim, shape, cuticles trim, exfoliate, massage, hot stones and steam towel.

* Spa Pedicure: Are you limited on time, but still like to relax your overworked feet? Spa pedicure includes trim, shape, cuticle and callus repair, exfoliate, masque, 10 minutes massage, buff, hot stones, steam towel, and polish.

* Signature Pedicure: This treatment will relieve the stress and tension that you put on your feet. Sit back and enjoy the relaxing massage of our Signature Pedicure. Trim, shape, cuticle and callus repair, exfoliate feet and legs with sea salt scrub, masque, followed by a steam towel, hot stones, 15 minutes massage, paraffin wax treatment, buff, and polish.